How to add 5-star rating to my Facebook fan page?

Many people often ask us one question – How to add the Rating Widget to their FB pages or timelines? Is it possible? Many people think that it’s quite easy because Facebook uses our 5-star rating system anyway. However, it is not. Now we are going to explain you how to use the 5-star rating system for your FB pages and how to install the widget. We will also tell you about all advantages of using this rating system on your FB page.

Facebook Page 5 Star Rating

Which FB pages can include the five-star rating widget?

 You can add our Rating Widget only on your Fan Page, not on the personal page, wall or timeline. And among fan pages, only those which belong to the Local Business category, can have the rating widget on them.

 Thus, if you want to use the 5-stars rating widget, you firstly need to turn your Fan Page into a Local Business page. It is a very easy and quick procedure.

Step-by-step guide of adding our 5-stars widget on your FB Fan Page. 

The procedure is really very simple. All you need is to change two settings.

First of all, set up the Local Business category for your Facebook page and publish your business address.

1. Click on Edit Page button at the top of the page.

Edit Page

2. Choose “Update Page Info”.

3. Click the button “Category”.


4. Open the menu. Choose “Local Businesses” and then select the type of your business from the list on the second menu.


5. Save your changes: click on the “Save” button.

After you’ve done with adding the category you should add your address. For that, do the following:

1. Find the “Edit Page” button at the top of your FB page and click on it.

2. Click on “Update Page Info” in the menu.

edit-page (1)

3. Choose the button “Address”, click on it and then fill in fields “Address”, “City/Town”, “ZIP Code”.


You can also mark your location on the map.

4. Check the option “Show map, check-ins and star ratings on the Page”.

5. Click the “Save changes” button.

Why should you use the 5-stars rating on your FB Fan Page?

  • Stars are quickly noticed by your fans and visitors of your page. You don’t need to try getting as many Likes as possible and, therefore, you can concentrate on quality of services you provide or products you make or sell. Actually, one top rating with five blue stars shown on your Fan Page is better than 100 Likes.
  • The more high ratings you get the better. It will increase your CTR on almost 30% if you add it to texts and links.
  • Increase your brand by letting your potential customers know that many customer recommend your business.