How BuyNewLikes Works?

Each order is manually reviewed before approval/reject. Once they are approved we start our work with following steps.

Step: 1

First of all we analyse your business and product/service you are promoting, it helps us understanding your targeted audience and delivering related fans/followers/likes to your page/profile. When we are done with your business analysis we move to the next step.

Step: 2

We have a worldwide network of websites having millions of visitors per day. We have pages on almost all categories, blogs, groups, Twitter profiles on almost all categories. We advertise your Facebook pages and twitter profile on our network to acquire the number of fans/followers. Same is the case with US likes for which we advertise your page to only US pages.

Step: 3

When your page is advertised on large number of audience many of them will become your fans/follower and we continue to add until we reach the number you have ordered. All followers are real and active users and we assure you that most of them will remain your followers forever. We guarantee that we do not use any kind of auto bots or softwares.